Saturday, September 22, 2018

Ms.Mary Jane Isabelo

Welcome Back To Manitoba Again ! Ms.Mary Jane Isabelo 

Ms.Mary Jane Isabelo And Gabriel at the fork Winnepeg Manitoba August 17 , 2018

The case of Ms.Mary Jane Isabelo and her Son Gabriel, is not an ordinary Case, they are both a permanent resident in Canada Wayback August 2009, their application was endorsed by her auntie in Winnepeg Manitoba, who is already a citizen,

due to the health condition of her mother , she decided to leave Canada after a month and goes back to the Philippines to work and to take care of her family. the problem is, she and her dependent child didnt maintain  their status as a permanent resident. 

in able to maintain their status , they must live in Canada physically for atleast 2 years within the five-year period.

after 8 years she decided to come back to Canada, again this time its not a simple process , unlike her first application she do it on her own , she seek the service of CIC Canadian Immigration Consultancy .

The Canadian Government found out that ,that she and her dependent are still permanent resident in Canada According to their Database..

we Help them to Renounce their previous Permanent Residency.
after that the rest is history ,after 2 years she and her dependent goes back to Canada Again.

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